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Dodge Viper ACR Will Appear in 2014

It is expected that next year we will see the next generation of the charged version of Dodge Viper car. What’s interesting is that this great new sports car can become much more powerful than its predecessor, but only if the leadership of Fiat will allow it. In the parent company the management ...

First Details about Dodge Viper ACR

Today we are going to reveal to you all the details that we know about one of the most astonishing cars of the current times, let’s welcome great Dodge Viper ACR. On account of Dodge Viper ACR there are two Nurburgring record. And today it was reported that in 2014, the next generation of this car ...

Updated Dodge Durango 2014

As we have recently heard some of the updates about the new generation of the Dodge Durango, now we are ready to share with you the most recent data that we have learned about this. Couple of days ago the company Dodge in their official release has revealed the plans of the company in terms of the ...

Dodge SRT Barracuda Update

As we all are awaiting more and more information on new Dodge Barracuda, we are trying harder and harder in order to get some updated information from the official sources, that should give us more hints on the new great muscle car model of Dodge Barracuda, which is going to be revived by the ...