Apple is testing a self-governing Dodge Caravan


The CBS reported that in the United States goes around weird brand cars Dodge Caravan, which belong to Apple, KPIX 5 edition, notes that these machines are used for surveying for maps Apple Maps. All seems that Apple Company has decided to significantly improve their long-suffering maps and finally add them to something like Google … Read more

Updated Dodge Durango 2014


As we have recently heard some of the updates about the new generation of the Dodge Durango, now we are ready to share with you the most recent data that we have learned about this. Couple of days ago the company Dodge in their official release has revealed the plans of the company in terms … Read more

New Information about Dodge SRT Barracuda


In the western media additional information was revealed about the successor of the most popular American muscle car Dodge Challenger – new coupe Barracuda, which will be made under the brand name of athletic department Chrysler SRT (Street Racing Technology). According to new data “Barracuda” will be similar in size to the latest version of … Read more

Dodge Grand Caravan Takes the Place of Chrysler Minivan


The Dodge-Chrysler company agreed with the strategy of Sergio Marchionne who previously at the beginning of this year has ones proposed to stop the production of Town and Country minivans. From his words, the company will only win if these models would not be there in the year 2014, but rather introduce not other minivans, … Read more

No More Dodge Durango and Avenger Models After 2014


The manufacturer has gotten on some pretty harsh and speedy wheels in the still somewhat post-bankruptcy world,. But while Dodge car manufacturer has seen some drastic and fairly dramatic improvement thanks to the refreshes and also to some few new models, the following couple of years could be actually very exciting for the marquee. Photo … Read more