We have spent over 30 days choosing Top Dodge Charger Tuner and now we are happy to present a ranking of the best of the best products!


This article is a list of the best Tuner for Dodge Charger available to help you maximize performance. Our reviews – the product of extensive testing – focuses on the best Dodge Charger performance chip tuner for RT, SRT, and Hemi engines. 

Ever since the Chrysler subsidiary came up with the model in 1964, the Dodge Charger has symbolized grit, power, and performance.  Despite the Dodge Charger’s characteristics, there are countless products out there to help you get the best out of your Dodge Charger. We are here to help you out every step of the way.












BEST OVER ALL RATED IN 2020-2022 DODGE CHARGER TUNER: DiabloSport 8300 inTune i3 Performance Programmer


The DiabloSport 8300 inTune i3 Performance Chip Programmer is by far one of the best Tuner chips for HP gain dodge charger has available. No other car tuner on this list reported more significant gains in horsepower. It is the best performance tuner for Dodge Charger 5.7 HEMI, SRT8. Many DiabloSport 8300 car Tuner users have reported increases by up to 50HP. The DiabloSport 8300 is one of the few tuners compatible with both the 2012 Dodge Charger RT and SRT8.

Benefits of the DiabloSport 8300 inTune i3 Charger Performance Chip Programmer

  1. High Performance. The sole aim of the DiabloSport 8300 is maximizing torque and horsepower. It delivers a minimum gain of 20 horsepower on its pre-loaded tunes. But, when installed on a Dodge Charger 5.7 HEMI it performs at its best with recorded gains of up to 50HP. Thus, it is a no brainer that it is the best tuner for 5.7 HEMI.
  2. 50 State Compliant. Despite maximizing performance, DiabloSport surprisingly does not cut any corners with this Tuner. There is nothing better than the ability to push the limits of your car or truck without emissions violations. The DiabloSport is 50 State compliant.
  3. Ease of installation. The DiabloSport 8300 easily installs through the OBDII port, in under 5 minutes.
  4. Multiple Dodge Charger Tuning. This Dodge charger tuner is unique as it can tune many vehicles simultaneously. However, you need a separate tuning license to carry out Multiple vehicle tuning.

Drawbacks of the DiabloSport 8300 inTune i3 Performance Programmer

  1. No Custom Tunes: The DiabloSport 8300 does not accept custom tunes from its Chip Master Revolution. This car tuner does not grant you the chance to squeeze out every drop of torque from your Dodge Charger.
  2. Slow tuning time: The DiabloSport 8300 is not the fastest car tuner out there. A bit of patience is needed while this car tuner optimizes your car’s performance to suit your needs.
  3. Limited preloaded tunes: The DiabloSport 8300 only comes with three preloaded Tunes. Users cannot upload custom tunes. Bear in mind, that this DiabloSport’s primary focus is boosting horsepower and torque.

Does the Diablosport 8300 inTune i3 Performance Programmer offer the best value for the money?

The DiabloSport has a two-pronged focus: torque and horsepower. If that is not your sole priority, then this car tuner is not for you. It provides the user with limited preloaded tunes without the option of customization. The DiabloSport 8300 is one of the best Tuner chips for HP gain Dodge Charger model has. It remains an excellent buy for any user who wishes to max out his car’s power without customizing his Tunes. The phenomenal results for such a user are worth the price.

9.8Expert Score
DiabloSport 8300 inTune i3 Performance Programmer

  • Ease of installation
  • 50 State Compliant
  • High Performance
  • Multiple Dodge Charger Tuning
  • No Custom Tunes
  • Slow tuning time
  • Limited preloaded tunes

BEST VALUE FOR THE MONEY TUNER FOR CHARGER: Superchips RT Tuner 3865 Flashpaq Tuner


The Superchips 3865 Flashpaq is a contender for the one the best Dodge Charger performance chip. But its restrictive nature has always been a drawback. 3865 Flashpaq is the best tuner for 2007 Dodge Charger RT and its predecessors. If you own a Dodge Charger RT from 2006 and below, this Tuner is for you.

What makes the Superchips 3845 the best Tuner for Dodge Charger RT

There are four key advantages the Superchips 3865 Flashpaq Tuner has over its competitors as far as the Dodge Charger RT is concerned.

  1. Easy to install. The Superchips 3865 easily installs within minutes.
  2. Speedy Tuning. It is easy to get impatient when waiting for your automobile to tune. The Superchips 3865 eases this burden with its fast processor, and memory providing it with swift tuning speed. Unlike its competitors, the Superchips 3865 tuner’s quick feedback makes tuning a seamless experience.
  3. Availability of custom tunes. The Superchips 3865 Flashpaq Tuner comes packed with performance altering custom tunes to meet every need. The Dodge Charger can choose from four modes. There are numerous variables within each mode. The Superchips 3865 can tune TQ management, shift firmness, and shift points independently.
  4. Diagnostics. The Superchips 3865 Flashpaq  Tuner can of read and clear diagnostics trouble codes from the Dodge Charger’s OBDII system.


  1. Not for use in California: Dodge Charger RT owners cannot use the Superchips 3865 tuner in California.
  2. Restricted use: This Superchips tuner only works with select versions of the Dodge Charger. While we found that it works on RT trim pre-2006, many customers have found it incompatible with their Dodge Charger RT.

Does the Superchips 3865 Flashpaq  Tuner offer the best value for the money?

Once a buyer is sure that there are no car compatibility issues, purchasing this Tuner is a no brainer. Beyond this limitation, the Superchips 3865 is the best Tuner for Dodge Charger RT models. This is due to its ease of installation, speed, diagnostic capabilities, and numerous custom tunes.

9.4Expert Score
Superchips RT Tuner 3845 Flashpaq F5 Tuner

  • Easy to install
  • Speedy Tuning
  • Availability of custom tunes
  • Diagnostics
  • Not for use in California
  • Restricted use


Every car enthusiast knows that car models in the mid-2000s emphasized speed control. While this has its advantages, nothing is like the freedom experienced when the throttle responds to pressure. With Pedal Commander, Dodge Chargers  can experience the unconstrained speed that was familiar with its predecessors. The PC31 removes almost all the delays that prevent your car or truck from being responsive to your every move. It is also for this reason that we consider the PC Throttle Response Controller to be the best rated Tuner for Dodge 5.7 Hemi Charger. No single tuner demonstrated the real power of the 5.7 Hemi engine as much as the Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller PC31.

The Pedal Commander tuner has four modes: Eco, Sport, Sport Plus, and City+4. In Eco mode, Dodge Charger owners can save up to 20% more on fuel. The City Mode reduces the lag in movement with slightly increased power. The beauty of the Pedal Commander programmer is really felt in the Sport modes, and the cars unleash their full potential in Sport+ mode.

Benefits of the Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller PC31

  1. Ease of Installation. The Pedal Commander has the most straightforward plug-and-play installation. In a process that takes just under six minutes, unless your ignition is on, you can have your car tuned and ready to go. First, replace your throttle sensor plug with the Pedal Commander plug. Then clean the area with alcohol before mounting the pedal commander. Lastly, use the Velcro adhesive provided to stick the Pedal Commander to the area where it will be attached.
  2. Stability. The Pedal Commander can push your car to the limits of its performance without causing any wear and tear. Pedal Commander does not alter the Dodge Charger’s engine safety measures or functions. It also doesn’t override the Dodge Charger’s ECU.
  3. Untraceable. If your programmer is off and safely put away, the Pedal Commander is entirely untraceable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about voiding your warranty by using the PC31.
  4. Features. The Pedal Commander comes with Bluetooth connectivity. This allows users to adjust their Dodge Charger through the chip’s iOS and Android applications. It is also programmed to meet the needs of every Dodge Charger from 2007 to date. Finally, the Pedal Commander provides many different enhancements for your car. There over 36 different levels of adjustments to fit every need.

Pedal Commander Throttle Controller PC31 Drawbacks

  1. No Diagnostics. If you are looking for diagnostic services, then this Throttle Controller is not for you. It is strictly for performance enhancement and is not intended for clearing diagnostic trouble codes.

Does the Pedal Commander Throttle Controller PC31 offer the best value for money?

Despite the fact that the Dodge Charger has always been difficult to tune. However, the Pedal Commander PC31 throttle controller does this for the most part effortlessly. This tuner is without a doubt the best tuner for Dodge Charger SRT, RT and HEMI engines for a fair price. Pedal Commander is ahead of the competition with no known compatibility issues.

Why To Choose Pedal Commander?

Despite the skepticism of some Dodge Charger owners that the Pedal Commander  does not add horsepower, our tests confirm that this tuner significantly improves acceleration. Here is a quote from the chargerforums.com forum of one of the owners of the 2006 standard R / T Charger who installed the Pedal Commander PC-31 tuner:

“After being quite disappointed in the throttle response on my R / T I bought one. Installed in about 60 seconds. Holy S**T! Amazing difference. Feels like a new car. : D”

9.3Expert Score
Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller PC31

  • Ease of Installation
  • Stability
  • Untraceable
  • Android/ iOS App
  • Bluetooth
  • No Diagnostics


The Bully Dog Tuner is designed to be a universal including Dodge Charger. One of the distinctive features that make it user friendly is the fact that it saves fuel consumption even when the features are preloading and loading. It also helps to put in check more than 15 activities as they work simultaneously with a flexible LCD activator planted on a pole, dash, or window.


  1. Boosts car performance: this Charger performance chip contributes a lot in maximizing car power and the general performance of the car with the MPG running as smoothly as expected. It revitalizes the car engine and increases its functionality much more than most Tuners.
  2. Universal fit: One unique thing about this performance chip is the fact that it can fit many models of cars.  It is designed in a way that it can fit many cars. It is flexible and can be adjusted to match your car perfectly. 
  3. Best for Fuel Economy: This Tuner is the best in terms of fuel consumption. It not only maximizes the vehicle performance but also boosts its miles per gallon coverage.


  1. Unpleasant Idle vibration: the vibration that the Tuner produces when it is idle makes it quite disgusting and this constitutes a sort of nuisance. 
  2. Incomplete features: The space for the SD card is empty and the Tuner can’t work without an SD card. Customers have to pay extra charges to secure an SD card before they can start using it. This feature is supposed to come alongside the Tuner but this is not the case.

Our Judgment

This Charger performance chip is among one of the best Tuners you will find in the market. If you need a Tuner that is a universal fit for many cars, saves power, and boosts your vehicle functionality, then  Bully Dog should be at the top of your budget while searching for a suitable Tuner for your car.

9.1Expert Score
Bully Dog 40417

  • Boosts car performance
  • Universal fit
  • Best for Fuel Economy
  • Unpleasant Idle vibration
  • Incomplete features


The SCT Performance chip 40490 is both a performance enhancing and diagnostic tool. This chip is excellent at reading and clearing PCM diagnostic trouble codes. The dynamic color Heads-Up Display provided by the Tuner eases up real-time performance monitoring.

Why you should choose the SCT 40490 BDX Performance Tuner and Monitor

  1. Cloud-tuning. This Dodge Charger performance chip is a great medium to get the latest tunes for your car. It has a CloudTune delivery system that stores as many as 20 custom tunes on its on-board memory. This feature is a crucial advantage the SCT Performance 40490 has over other available Dodge Charger tuners. Most can only provide storage for half that number. Simply update Tunes over the Tuner’s Wi-Fi. The benefit: users can quickly experiment with as many Tunes as they wish to in quick succession.
  2. Stable Performance. This performance chip provides precise changes to your Dodge Charger without affecting engine stability. The SCT Performance 40490’s stability makes it one of the best Tuner for 2008 Dodge Charger SRT8.
  3. Gauging of Parameters. The SCT Performance 40490 allows users to read and record real-time stats. Users can also check the effectiveness of chosen parameters on the Tuner’s display.
  4. Diagnostics. Besides performance enhancement, this Tuner can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes.

Drawbacks of the SCT 40490 BDX Performance Tuner and Monitor

  1. Tough to custom tune. It is difficult and expensive to custom tune.
  2. The need to unlock PCM. All Dodge Charger models after 2015 require unlocking before programming.

Does the SCT Performance 40490 offer the best value for the money?

Those seeking gains in torque, off-road capability, towing, and horsepower will find this Tuner useful. The SCT Performance 40490 is also the absolute best Tuner for Dodge Charger 2006 v6 engines. We had proven boosts of up to 25HP without additional mods. No other car Tuner provides the same level of performance enhancement to the 2006 Dodge v6.  

Overall, the SCT Performance 40490 is a very powerful tool when placed in the right hands. You should notice a significant improvement in your Dodge Charger once it gets to work.

8.8Expert Score
The SCT Performance 40490 BDX Performance Tuner and Monitor

  • Cloud-tuning
  • Stability
  • Monitor Parameters
  • Diagnostics
  • Tough to custom tune
  • The need to unlock PCM


A Tuner brand is one of the smartest OBD  scanning devices embellished with beautiful add-in features, like Bluetooth, mobile device enhancer, patented expansion port, etc. This Tuner is a multipurpose and optimized device used for recording and calibration activities. Comprising of a  well sophisticated  VCM suite, the HP Tuners enhance the vehicle’s performance and revitalize its engine potentials.  


  1. Well optimized: This Tuner is a well-sophisticated device that has been improved upon to perform diverse functions on the vehicle.
  2. Extremely fast: The manufacturers of this product argue that they have the fastest OBDII scanner in the market. While we cannot verify this fact, these Tuners are incredibly speedy.
  3. Modifiable in CSV: This device’s features enable the user to have a clear view of the file and modify them with a Microsoft excel when the need arises.
  4. Easy to install: This device is easy to install.
  5. Bluetooth: The highly optimized Bluetooth features allow for easier reading, editing, and installing your vehicle’s software.


  1. Not a Universal Fit for Most Vehicles: One problem with this Tuner is that its features are optimized and modified to fit only a few vehicles.

Our verdict

The HP Tuner is one of the best Tuners you will find in the market. It comes with optimized features to enhance the performance of your vehicle. A caution: Be sure that this Tuner is compatible with your car as it is likely to damage any incompatible car.  In all, we assure you that this Tuner will worth every penny you use to procure it

8.3Expert Score

  • Well optimized
  • Extremely fast
  • Modifiable in CSV
  • Easy to install
  • Bluetooth
  • Not a Universal Fit


Like its compatriot, the DiabloSport 8345 focuses on boosting torque and horsepower. However, unlike the DiabloSport 8300, this Tuner allows you to take full control of your Dodge Charger. Nothing is left to chance. Besides providing you with optimal preloaded tunes, you can carry out almost any customization you desire.

DiabloSport 8345 Main Benefits:

  1. Highest Performance In Class. The DiabloSport 8345 pushes the Dodge Charger to its limits without affecting stability.
  2. Custom Tuning: The DiabloSport 8345 allows you to custom tune your car to suit your needs.
  3. 50 State Compliant: The DiabloSport 8345 comes in two versions, the 50-State Emissions Compliant and the Platinum. The difference is that the Platinum tuner features CMR custom tuning capability with company CMR software and the 50-state version does not.

Does the DiabloSport 8345 inTune i3 Charger Performance Chip offer the Best Rated Tuner Options?

Performance tests conducted show that the Diablosport 8345 is arguably the best Tuner for Dodge Charger SRT8. Yet it lacks in ease of installation and tuning times. Yet the ability to push limits without affecting stability and the freedom to customize makes it an excellent buy.

Disadvantages of the DiabloSport 8345:

Like every car tuner out there, every advantage has an equivalent disadvantage. These are the limitations of the DiabloSport 8345.

  1. Ease of installation: The DiabloSport 8345 is not very easy to install. You first will have to update the unit before installing it, which takes about 30 minutes. Despite the lengthy duration, the installation process is, however, straightforward.
  2. Slow tuning time: Tuning your Dodge Charger with the DiabloSport 8345 takes some time.
8.3Expert Score
DiabloSport 8345 inTune i3 Platinum Performance Programmer 3rd Generation

  • Custom Tuning
  • Multiple Dodge Charger Tuning
  • High Performance
  • Not easy to install
  • Slow tuning time


This Dodge Charger Tuner works perfectly in regulating engine activities like maximum rpm, spark timing, speedometer recording, and extra backlit LCD for fast installation.  It is designed so that the GPS matches the vehicle tire’s average size without affecting the vehicle performance. The Hypertech device updates about a hundred files in just 15 minutes.


  1. Fast installation: the installation process of this Tuner does not take more than 15 minutes. The installation is easy and straight to the point. All you need is first to upgrade the Hypertech tune alongside your programmer and firmware to enable you to have access to the latest features using a computer.
  2. Best throttle response: this Tuner enhances the functionality of the throttle. It maximizes engine performance and also boosts engine power. It accelerates the speedometer’s functionality and propels it to work at a faster pace with balanced speed and sound while ascending a sloppy track without making any adjustment to the vehicle tire.


  1. Upgrade limitation: the specification for this Tuner’s upgrade is only on window devices, which makes it a bit unfavorable for most users who do not have access to window devices.
  2. Incompatibility: this Tuner is not compatible with most vehicles. Complaints about incompatibility abound, including some of the cars the Tuner is being designed to fit.

Our Verdict

This Tuner brand for Dodge charger is sure one of the best you Can find in the market if you are intentional about boosting your vehicle’s general performance. But you have to ensure that it is compatible with your car before you think of installing it.

7.5Expert Score
Hypertech 2100

  • Fast installation
  • Best throttle response
  • Upgrade limitation
  • Incompatibility

Buyers Guide to Choosing the Best Performance Chip For Dodge Charger


When do you need a tuner for my Charger?

If you are reading an article on the best Charger Performance Chip, you probably do not need to know why you need a tuner. However, if you do not know, a tuner is necessary if you need to alter your vehicle’s performance. A tuner works by communicating with the computer of your car/ truck through the OBDII diagnostic port. Tuner help with transmission shift point adjustment, speedometer correction, diagnostics, speed limitation or removal, and fuel gauge monitoring.

What to do before buying a Charger tuner

There are three things to do before you start searching for a car tuner. First, you need to understand what your expectations are and precisely the changes you want to make. This will allow you to make an informed decision with our guide. You should also, discuss this matter with your mechanic. Our research does not replace the mechanic’s role in helping you decide what might work best for your car, depending on your needs. The last thing to do is to read the detailed product reviews to determine the suitability or lack thereof of your chosen Tuner. Finally, and most importantly, we urge you to set reasonable expectations. Dodge Chargers do not provide unlimited room for modifications. However, with the right Tuner, you can make significant changes to the performance of your car or truck.

What to look out for when seeking a Charger performance chip tuner

Several vital factors guided our decision on the best dodge charger tuner in the market, and they are as follows:

  1. The comparative advantage each Dodge Charger tuner under review has over others currently in the market.
  2. The quality, durability, and efficiency and effectiveness of the Tuner.
  3. What trim of Dodge Charger is the tuner most effective?
  4. Is the Dodge Charger tuner is excellent value for money?
  5. The opinions of long-term users of each of the products.

All the factors listed above have guided our decision on the best tuner for dodge charger today.

What-Engine-Is-Installed-On My-Dodge-Charger-LX-(2006–2010)

Dodge Charger Performance Chip - FAQ

Q: Is the Pedal Commander Throttle Controller PC13 the best Chip Tuner for 2006 dodge charger Hemi?

Some of the car tuners on this list are compatible with the 2006 Dodge Charger, including the Pedal Commander Throttle Controller. However, the best Tuner for 2006 Dodge Charger Hemi has been the Innovative Charger Performance Chip/Power Programmer. Its preloaded tunes significantly improve fuel mileage and save gas. Although, the Pedal Commander, is the best rated Tuner for Dodge 5.7 Hemi Charger, it does not work with the 2006 Dodge Charger Hemi.

Q: Is the Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller PC31 compatible with the 2007 Dodge Charger RT?

Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller PC31 works great with 2007 Dodge Charger. But the best Tuner for 2007 Dodge Charger RT is the Superchips 3865 Flashpaq F5.

Q: Which Tuner works best with 2008 Dodge Charger SRT8

The SCT Performance 40490 is an excellent Tuner for your 2008 Dodge Charger SRT8, delivering excellent all-round performance. But those looking for the best Tuner for 2008 Dodge Charger SRT8 for race use only, then the DiabloSport I2010 inTune i2 is an excellent choice.

Q: I own a diablo sport tuner i2 which shift works best for freeway Dodge Charger.

The DiabloSport inTune i2 aims at torque and horsepower. For Dodge Chargers DiabloSport InTune i2 Performance Programmer can provide significant boosts to hardware performance. When deciding for Diablo Sport Tuner i2 which shift works best for freeway Dodge Charger performance, it is merely advisable to use the 93 Octane Tune. Though average gains are 23-27HP, it is possible to get up to 60HP on your Dodge Charger. Results depend on your hardware, understanding of graphs, and shift pressure.

Q: Is the Diablo Tuner different from the 93 octane tune?

No, there is no difference between the Diablo tune and the 93 Octane tune. The latter appears as the Diablo Tune in DiabloSport Performance Programmers.

Q: What is the best Tuner for 2013 Dodge Charger RT?

The decision on the best Tuner for 2013 Dodge Charger RT came down to two primary contenders viz; the DiabloSport 8245 inTune i3 Platinum Performance Programmer, and the DiabloSport 9345 Trinity T2 EX Performance Programmer. The DiabloSport 9345 came with a hefty amount of cool features. But none made a clear difference in the performance of the 2013 Dodge Charger RT. We eventually had to settle for a more affordable alternative that is most effective on the 2013 Dodge Charger RT. So the DiabloSport 8345 inTune i3 Platinum Performance has to be ranked the best Tuner for 2013 Dodge Charger RT.

Q: What is the best Tuner for 2006 Dodge Charger RT?

The Superchips 3865 Flashpaq Tuner showed the most remarkable enhancements and is the best Tuner for the 2006 Dodge Charger Hemi and RT.

Q: Is buying a car tuner cheaper than a car dyno

Diagnostics cost at a car dyno start at $400. The cost can only go up from there. Yes a car tuner can improve performance. Still, the results would only equate to a car dyno’s if the owner makes necessary upgrades to the car’s parts. For some car tuners, custom tuning can be pricey. There is no guarantee that a car tuner will be cheaper than a car dyno – although it generally is.  This depends on the value of the car tuner and its associated expenses.  


Despite the limitations in tuning a Dodge Charger, there are many available car tuners that can give you the driving experience you desire. The problem, of course, is making a choice. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the best Tuner for a Dodge Charger: durability, customized tuning, updates, compatibility, price, and effectiveness. Irrespective of your decision, your choice of a car tuner should prioritize your car or truck’s stability.

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  1. Can I use this on my Hemi because I will be pulling my race trailer. I am looking for extra towing power, firm shifting and fuel mileage gain. I have no real experience with tuning and engine modifications and I am less concerned with upgrading intakes and changing the exhaust. Does having a tuner will increase my horsepower to 30,60,90? I still have a lot to learn.

    • Try getting the Diablo tuners there will be a gain in horsepower. It is not that expensive and you can adjust the throttle response depending on the 3 pre-canned tunes. You will notice a significant response but not 700hp just enough to pull the race trailer without any hitches.
      I agree with you not changing the exhaust because you will only gain 2-3hp that you won’t even notice but just the added sound that won’t help at all.

  2. This is a game changer! The Diablo sport tuner feels more DIY friendly and my expectations were met. I’m glad I tried it and I’m very impressed. My hesitations are gone and I don’t have to bring my car to a shop to have it tuned.

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