Apple is testing a self-governing Dodge Caravan

The CBS reported that in the United States goes around weird brand cars Dodge Caravan, which belong to Apple, KPIX 5 edition, notes that these machines are used for surveying for maps Apple Maps.
All seems that Apple Company has decided to significantly improve their long-suffering maps and finally add them to something like Google Street View and Bing StreetSide. Similar cars from Google use 15 cameras to 5MP, while Apple has set on the vehicle, only 12 cameras.

Dodge Caravan pics

Dodge Caravan picture

According to one version, Apple could use the car to improve its mapping service or service work on the panoramas, such as Google Street View. However, the blog Claycord noted that the equipment on the roof and on the tires of the car resemble a self-governing Dodge Caravan, seen in New York in September 2014. According to analyst Rob Enderle, the vehicle is really more like a self-guided vehicle for cartography which has got “too many cameras.”

Dodge Caravan pics

Dodge Caravan image

Note that Apple Company was not included in the list of six companies with permission to test car without a driver. However, the corporation could, according to the analyst, be the partner with companies that have this permission. At the same time, Apple spokesman declined to comment.