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Four-wheel drive Dodge Challenger

Dodge brand has finally introduced four-wheel drive Challenger GT version. The manufacturer says that this is the first and unique American two-door muscle car with a drive on both axles. Challenger GT production will start in January 2017, and in the first quarter the customers can get this car. ...

Dodge Durango SUV Updated

Not long before the premiere of the restyled Dodge Durango SUV at the motor show in New York, the company issued a teaser images featuring the rear lights novelties. Now, after the presentation of the full-drive model, it was clear that change were made not only to the rare, but the front of the ...

Mopar Police Dodge Charger

If you have seen in the rearview mirror a cop chasing you on a Dodge Charger – believe us, it is not a good sign. And if you are thinking about running away and it relates to the criminal way of your lifestyle – then it is totally a bad sign.Before you decide to push on the gas – think about ...