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Real Test Drive: Dodge Caliber

Dodge Caliber is clearly similar to the compact SUV, has a decent ground clearance (178 mm), but at the same time demonstrates a sporty profile. However, it has clear and vivid form, every detail “works”, emphasizing the outstanding abilities of the car – say, the ability to climb ...

New Dodge Charger Covertible

Up until now we have all seen new and old versions of Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300. As we remeber these two model were offered only as sedans. It may be a good iconic feature of the company, but we are now tired of this one-type vehicle. From now on, thanks to the tuning studio with the name Drop ...

Dodge Dart Got Dependant on Dodge Caliber

As the new 2013 Dodge Dart model heads to the official Dodge dealerships around the US, those dealers may be first of all haunted by the previous compact vehicles of that marquee. When actually determining how many of the examples of the new 2013 Dart each dealer will actually receive, Dodge took ...