New Dodge Charger Covertible

Up until now we have all seen new and old versions of Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300. As we remeber these two model were offered only as sedans. It may be a good iconic feature of the company, but we are now tired of this one-type vehicle. From now on, thanks to the tuning studio with the name Drop Top Customs these two cars can also be purchased as a four-door convertibles. Isn’t it what we all were waiting for>

Dodge Charger Covertible

Dodge Charger Covertible Pic

In general, cars with an open body are usually small two-or three-door models used to be bought by people who live in warmer place in order to enjoy the warm air on hot days. However, there are tuners who break out from that rule and deprive the roof even of large limousines. Our beloved Dodge Charge also got to their hands, and we must say, we do not regret any single moment of it!

Dodge Charger Covertible

Dodge Charger Covertible Photo

Of course, cutting off the roof of the car, which is not designed for this purpose is a difficult and somewhat risky thing. Car loses rigidity and thus will be less safe. American tuners, however, ensured us that the whole construction is durable and therefore driver does not have to be afraid when getting behind the wheel of one of these exclusive convertibles. The improved rigidity of the cars take care the struts for the front and rear sides of the car.