Test drive of Dodge Charger Pursuit part II

In his article, the author noted the appeal of special devices installed in the “Dodge”.
Every time they find themselves inside the machine, Ewing was overcoming himself not to touch the big red button.
The latter is responsible for the activation of the light “chandeliers” of Charger roof.
In addition, for the journalist it was hard to give up the desire to activate the siren and use the speakerphone.
The only time, with the permission of the chief editor of “Autoblog” Sharon Carty, it happened.
Employees briefly included “chandelier” on a multi-tiered parking lot.

Dodge Charger Pursuit pics

Dodge Charger Pursuit picture

Sedan Dodge Charger Pursuit is a special version of Charger series, created for the needs of the American police. Depending in the configuration, the car relies either a 3.6-liter V6, a 5.7-liter V8 HEMI. A kickback power plant is up to 292 or 370 horsepower. Transmission stands uncontested five-step automatic transmission AutoStick. Equipped with the “six” sedan RWD layout content exclusively, while the most powerful version was introduced in the all-wheel drive version.

Dodge Charger Pursuit pics

Dodge Charger Pursuit image

Designed car Chrysler secret of modifying Pursuit does not. The company’s website published a detailed booklet that describes the police “Dodge” eight pages.