Test drive of Dodge Charger Pursuit part I

American Journal Autoblog acquired the test drive the new sedan Dodge Charger Pursuit, intended for police. About feelings of driving emergency vehicles wrote one of the editors of the publication Steven Ewing.
The journalist said that riding a police car is absolutely nothing like a trip to a normal car On a suburban highway all located within sight of transport stops to break the rules, goes with just designated place speed and extremely reluctant overtaking cars in front.
A similar situation is happening in the city streets. As an example, Ewing led the route from the northern suburbs of Detroit, where a journalist to Woodward Avenue.

Dodge Charger Pursuit pics

Dodge Charger Pursuit picture

While driving a civilian car traffic on the roads looks chaotic and not always complies with the rules, the appearance of a police car sharply disciplined drivers. Maximum speeding, which decided the Americans, does not exceed the permitted five miles per hour. As a result, going in a dense flow that does not allow the group ahead slow the car. The way out is to turn to the right or left eye for the author.

Dodge Charger Pursuit pics

Dodge Charger Pursuit image

Because of own garage employee “Autoblog” was deprived, he had park Dodge Charger on the sidelines. Ewing admitted that a few days later began to suspect his neighbor in trouble with the law, because every day standing outside the house watching a police crew. Relieve the tension was only after a journalist called the man sitting behind the wheel of a sedan. “For a moment I thought that Sam let us make in your pants” – joked editor.