Real Test Drive: Dodge Caliber

Dodge Caliber is clearly similar to the compact SUV, has a decent ground clearance (178 mm), but at the same time demonstrates a sporty profile.
However, it has clear and vivid form, every detail “works”, emphasizing the outstanding abilities of the car – say, the ability to climb over the curb, and at the same time on the race track, or “pretend to be a good boy” in a narrow street. Yes, this design should remain relevant for a long time.

Dodge Caliber picture

Dodge Caliber pics

Firm grille with intersecting vertical and horizontal bars clearly pointing to the affiliation to the brand Caliber Dodge, and gives the front of the car an athletic look. Relief forms wings, broad shoulder area and distinctive hood isolated Caliber always in flux.
Interior Dodge Caliber has some features that are rarely found in the C-Class cars. These include, in particular, are included in the standard window curtain airbags, stereo MusicGate Power.

Dodge Caliber pics

Dodge Caliber image

Even the most powerful gasoline engine in the range of 2.0-liter, aggregated with a variator – it is not the “hot” mix. The fact is that the performance of the engine is quite smooth. It is certainly good, as provided on bottoms and a good pickup, but special “enthusiasm” is not felt. However, the installation and the variator, try as they can. It may be noted is quite energy-intensive suspension. By the nature, the Caliber is the typical front-drive car.