Flash-Back to Dodge Car Racing in 2000


Previously all of you could have heard about the fact that company DaimlerChrysler has announced its return to racing competition of NASCAR. And so, on January 11, when for the first phase up in good old 2000 was left exactly 402 days 5 hours and 30 minutes, at the Auto Show in Detroit, the audience … Read more

Dodge Out of NASCAR since Sunday


As we all have heard the great happy fact that great Dodge racer – Brad Keselowski – has recently won the Sprint Cup racing competition, and this victory will for long not be forgotten, as with this event was the real and quite serious achievement for him, as well as for Roger Penske. Dodge Sprint … Read more

INDYCAR In Hunt for Dodge


Recently the president of INDYCAR racing series Randy Bernard offered Dodge Company the debut in the championship. According to the official sources, the championship leader held talks with representatives of the American automaker in the Grand Prix weekend in Baltimore, which was held on September 1-2. “I would be glad to see Dodge and the … Read more

Dodge is Getting Out of NASCAR


As NASCAR is a great racing event which has a pretty long history and features some of the great racing cars, we really enjoy watching this event, especially when we know that Dodge is participating in them. As we know that for Dodge NASCAR was also quite a long period for this automaker, around 11 … Read more