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Dodge in the List of Best Used Cars

Authoritative U.S. publication Consumer Reports named the best and worst used cars of the last nine years. Among the most successful for purchase in the secondary market models were mainly cars of Japanese brands, and a list of the worst is almost all comprised of the cars of American brands. ...

Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Overview

The new Dodge Ram 1500 Sport of the year 2013 received a modified grille, new bumpers and refined suspension. In its appearance there are lots of chrome and shine. In order to reduce the weight of the hood new Dodge Ram 1500 Sport 2013 designers have used aluminum. The front and rear bumpers, as ...

Dodge Ram and Jeep Donations

The last few years, commercials from Chrysler during the Super Bowl is one of the most talked about, but this was the first year when the automaker added element of charity in their marketing plans. Chrysler released two two-minute commercials during the Super Bowl this year, one for the Jeep ...