The new 1500 Dodge Ram pickup Revel in Detroit


At the Detroit Motor Show was held the world premiere of a pickup Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel, which has got an exclusive air suspension and an 8-speed transmission. One of the sensations of Detriot NAIAS Auto Show 2015 in the segment of commercial vehicles is the premier Dodge Ram 1500 pickup Rebel. Externally, the car … Read more

Dodge showed a “rebellious” version of the Ram pickup

In the model range of big American pickup trucks Dodge already has one famous off-road version of the Ram 2500 Power Wagon, which stands out by the presence of electric winch, “mud” tires, enhanced protection of the bottom and locking differentials front and rear beam axle. But at this size pickup it’s just a whopper … Read more

Dodge Ram Outdoorsman – even more powerful, more versatile


The American company Dodge recently announced an early access to the U.S. market an updated version of its Ram full-size pickup truck in the performance of Outdoormans. The new Ram Outdoorsman 2013 according to the manufacturer has incorporated all the best features of previous models. Pickup will be the real ‘must have’ for farmers, hunters, … Read more

New Dodge Ram Dakota under Way?


We have heard recently that a new concept or prototype, or even the mass production car is under way. As Dodge manufactures have found out that there is a growing need for a new small pickup truck especially in the US, they’ve taken a very aggressive approach to develop and manufacture the first car of … Read more

Dodge Ram 2012 Boosts the Sales with Add-ons


Recently announced news that the Chrysler Group LLC together with Ford Motor Co. are now testing the upper limits of the truck buyers’ appetite for great and efficient and also sport stylish pickups. They introduce some pickups that are loaded with new leather interior, some glamorous chrome and also heated-feature seats at a greatly costly … Read more