Amazing Dodge Deora Pickup Truck

Conceptual pickup Dodge Deora can really violate all the laws of logic. Just look at it!
When we think of the great designs of car designers, we first recall the conceptual sports cars, but the universe of concepts is wide and sometimes it goes beyond the normal, even pickups. The best example is an amazing concept Dodge 1967.
This is Dodge Deora. The car started its life as a normal vehicle called Dodge A100, while it is not radically re-registered. After the plastic surgery this machine was like from the place somewhere far away from the lunar base.
The truck was designed and built in Detroit Mike and Larry Alexander. It was good enough to win an award at the Autorama 1967. Authors shifted inclined six-cylinder engine further back under the cargo platform. Driver and passengers can get to a salon by opening up the front door of the station wagon of 1960.

Dodge Deora Pickup pics

Dodge Deora Pickup picture

Inside it was quite chic for pickup at the time: wood accents, black leather and devices Stewart Warner. Steering wheel (if you can call it the wheel) is mounted on the pendulum, and could move during embarkation and disembarkation.

Dodge Deora Pickup pics

Dodge Deora Pickup image

In 2009, the Deora was sold at auction for 324,500 dollars. This purchase was to bring the owner of the whole tank of joy.