Extreme Dodge Viper ACR will be released in summer


Abbreviation ACR (American Club Racer) means for overseas The Dodge “Viper” car roughly the same as the index for the GT3 Porsche sports car. It hides all entire modifications with a number of improvements aimed at “the establishment of domination” on the racetrack, when the car passes marked street-legal. Harsh experience has shown that the … Read more

Dodge Viper will be 900-horsepower


American dealer Dodge, company Viper Exhange, presented a package of improvements for the supercar Viper 2015 model year. Use it to return the base 8.4-liter V10 engine can be increased by 654 to 900 horsepower. In tuning kit is included a proprietary mechanical supercharger Viper Exchange called Sledgehammer. In addition, the set includes a new … Read more

Chrysler demanded to destroy rare Dodge Viper

Concern Chrysler demanded destroy fourth descended from the conveyor instance supercar Dodge Viper. Blue Coupe 1992 release is available to College South Puget Sound Community in Washington, DC, and is used for educational purposes. Total US destroyed 93 “Viper”, which are used to train students. The machine has been received by the educational institution seven … Read more

The new Dodge Viper will receive a very powerful engine


Americans are finalizing the next generation of the sports car. The division of Chrysler announced its readiness to next-generation for the supercar Dodge Viper. Meanwhile, in the media received information that the classic American Dodge Viper coupe next generation receive 10-cylinder engine with a mechanical supercharger. Previously, “viper” is the most powerful and fastest car … Read more

Dodge Viper will get a boost of power and roadster body


Company announced its plans for 2015. It is known that the planned release of several new modifications of the vehicle, new options, exterior colors and revised V10 engine working on 8,4l of volume with an increase of 5 hp, which is now equal to 654 hp and 814Nm of torque. Modified engine consumes less fuel … Read more