Tuners revived pickup from the 60s Dodge D200 Power

California company unveiled Icon pickup of 60s Dodge D200 Power with modern technical stuffing.
From the original pick-up remained unchanged only the body, door handles and seat frame, everything else has been thoroughly reworked or replaced with modern equivalent.
Under angular body lies on the chassis wheel drive Dodge Ram 2500 MegaCab 2007, tuners equipped petrol 5.7-liter supercharged HEMI Magnuson, Gibson exhaust system installed and replaced the standard suspension on “a custom”, collected on the components of Kore-Fox Racing.

Dodge D200 Power picture

Dodge D200 Power pics

The pickup was BFG AT tire dimensions 37 × 12.5, strung on 17-inch wheels Hutchinson.
Inside, the front panel is made of metal and it set nickel-plated knobs and switches. The seats are upholstered in good leather, and the floor is carpeted.

Dodge D200 Power pics

Dodge D200 Power image

On the back of hand engraved glass mountain landscape, view from the terrace of copying the new owner of the ranch pickup.