New exclusive sports car Viper GT

Dodge Company is launching a special modification of the new Viper GT. Each of the models sold (the price – 10 000 US dollars higher than the cost of a normal Viper GT) will be the most personalized to the owner.

Sports car will cost 10 thousand dollars higher than conventional models Viper GT. In the sale this version of the sports car will go in the next month and in February it will be possible to order a single version, which will be completely personalized for the owner, for example, two people will not be able to book the car in the same configuration. However, to do so in any case difficult: the choice of potential buyers provided 8,000 shades of color of the body 24 000 different patterns that can be applied to the car, 10 types of wheels, 16 trim variants, six aerodynamic dodger and a lot of possible options that can significantly increase the initial price of 94,995 US dollars.

Viper GT pics

Viper GT picture

An updated “Viper” will be equipped with the same 8.4-liter atmospheric unit V10, but with forced 649 to 654 horsepower. Torque remains at the same level – 814 Nm.

Viper GT pics

Viper GT image

Each of the models sold will receive a special label with the name of the buyer and the toy twin – car in scale 1:18 – which gives Dodge car owner.