Dodge Viper Got a Package Track Pack

Company SRT (Street and Racing Technology) offers a suite of additional equipment for their great model of Viper. One may think that Dodge SRT Viper is already one of the most ideal cars that one can imagine, but it seems that the creators still see some places where they can improve th model! The additional equipment package got a name Track Pack and it was tailored specifically for the new version of Viper – Viper GTS.

Dodge Viper Track Pack

Dodge Viper Track Pack Photo

Supercar Service Track Pack differs from the base modification by the reduced weight of the model and more effective braking system.

Dodge Viper Track Pack

Dodge Viper Track Pack Pic

To increase the downforce and better the brake cooling, the package Track Pack provides a more powerful braking system air ducts. Supercar Dodge Viper in a new design will also get a set named Brembo which features the lightweight brake discs. Thanks to the new package the car’s weight was decreased by 14.5 kg. To this weight reduction also contributed new wheels and tires from Pirelli P Zero Corsa. As a result, our beloved and stunning Viper GTS became lighter in total by 28.1 kg. In addition, the car with a package Track Pack has improved system of stability and traction control with four modes.