Dodge Durango 2011 Critical Customer Review

The best SUV ever found in Dodge series is back on track – Dodge Durango 2011 can now offer more comfort and performance to the customers. Dodge Durango even puts aside the previous leader of the SUV market, the 2011 Ford Explorer. The deal lies in the features that both cars can provide.

Dodge Durango 2011 Front View Image

Dodge Durango 2011 Front View Image

As the manufacturers tried to equip the Durango 2011 with the best they could offer, therefore the heart of the car is now 3.6 Liter pentastar V-6 and 5.7 Liter HEMI V-8 with the special Fuel Saver Technology, not offered by the competitors. The standard horsepower that Durango is now capable of is 290-295, with the torque (Lb-Ft) of 260.

Durango 2011 Interior View Image

From the other features that can rightfully surprise and delight the driver, is the Dodge Durango’s maximum available towing capacity of 6,200 for V-6 engine and 7400 for the V-8. The manufacturer also offers a power train limited warranty of 5-years and on the 100 000 miles. Moreover, the Durango’s estimated maximum highway cruising range is 565 miles. Dodge also offers 6 trim levels for this beauty, offering options of CREW, HEAT, EXPRESS, R/T, CITADEL, and CREWLUX.

Photo of Durango 2011 Back View