Dodge Challenger test drive

The brutality of the car rolls over even compared to other American muscle cars. The interior of the version before restyling was not impressing: it is copied from the Charger, it is too simple and ugly assembled – hanging seals, creaking false aluminum lining…

Dodge Challenger 2015 picture

Dodge Challenger 2015 pics

The updated coupe design a little refreshment, and especially liked the steering wheel: boring after 4-spoke “donut” 3-spoke steering wheel with control buttons multimedia considerably ennobled salon “Dodge”. However, quality problems remained: I had got out pushing its soundproof materials back under the roof…
When the road allows you to relax a little, in the Challenger it is nice to roll on “cruise”mode, indulging with buttons control the speed. Huge coupe accelerates in such a way where more readily than slowing down, but at the very least have brakes that quite well adjusted.

 Dodge Challenger 2015 pics

Dodge Challenger 2015 image

In the Challenger you can safely go on a long journey four – the amount of luggage and passenger compartment allow. However, some passengers were unhappy with the small amount of light penetrating the interior. Frankly, the view from the back of the sofa is a bit like a sarcophagus: deaf walls on each side, grimly hanging roof over your head … But Dodge is quiet and gentle; lulling that promotes good sleep and travel with prolonged stretch.