Chrysler will Equip New Charger with 9-speed Transmission

Chrysler will spend $ 374 million on the production of 9-speed transmission system. Modern automatic transmission should help the group Fiat-Chrysler to improve efficiency of gasoline engines. Let’s look at these in more details.

Dodge Chrysler

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Chrysler Group, owned by Italian Fiat, plans to invest $ 374 million in the development of existing and creation of new capacities for production of modern transmissions in the U.S. state of Indiana. This was reported by the head of Fiat-Chrysler Sergio Marchionne, who visited this week the American manufacturer factories around Kokomo, which began production of the eight “automatic” transmission. Such transmissions will be installed on the new Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Charger.

Dodge Chrysler

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“This is the only region where we manufacture transmissions and including all businesses located here, it will be the world’s largest center for the production of transmissions”, – said Marchionne. The head of Fiat-Chrysler hopes that with modern transmissions they will improve the efficiency and lower the emissions of gasoline engines. Such a strategy would require fewer expenses than creating a new gasoline-electric hybrid motors.