New Technology Approaches Dodge Dart

In the recent days Chrysler car manufacturer announced that it would begin incorporate new technology into its cars. From the most popular offerings that majority of the drivers and especially the passengers were waiting wireless possibility imbedded into the car. Therefore the forthcoming Dodge Dart will be more attractive and driver friendly to every user.

New Dodge Dart Wi-Fi Device

The wireless device is available by the help of a manufacturer’s Mopar parts and additional accessory division. The system that it incorporated into a new Dodge Dart of 2012 consists of a new integrated “power bin” which is located just below the car center stack in the frontal part of the Dart’s center console and the uniquely designed phone case device. The power bin for the wireless internet inside of the car has a built-in special charging grid that can be activated when the applicable iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, laptop or the other electronic device that you have is placed or connected to the bin. However, the charging takes place only when the Dart vehicle is running. In order to have this unique additional device installed into your car you will have to pay additional $199,99.

New Dodge Dart 2012 Photo