New record and a new champion of the Palm Beach racetrack

On the American circuit Palm Beach International Raceway set a new world record in drag racing. The version of the new sedan Tesla Model S with four-wheel drive with powerful P85D with capacity 700 horse powers installation was the first, beating its opponent coupe Dodge Challenger Hellcat is equipped 707horse powers and 6,2kompressor V8 engine.
The winner car has passed in 11.6 seconds drag track distance of a quarter mile showing 184.4km / h at the end of the race. Measure speed VBox complex showed that the car accelerates in 3.1seconds from 0 to 96km / h. It’s faster for 0.1 seconds of its factory data.
The coupe Dodge Challenger Hellcat has passed this distance in 17,4 seconds showing 133,15km / h at the end of the race.

Palm Beach racetrack pics

Palm Beach racetrack image

Result of the test of these cars involved in drag racing was officially confirmed by the National Association of electric cars (American organization NEDRA). The Tesla Model S P85D sedan became the world’s fastest serial electric car that participated in drag racing.

Palm Beach racetrack pics

Palm Beach racetrack picture

Recall that two years ago Model S sedan went the distance in 12.7 seconds, winning the race with the 500-strong supercar Dodge Viper SRT10.