New CO2 Emissions Technology at Dodge

Lately it became known that Dodge is taking more and more future-looking and technology-oriented approach when it comes to its newest models. We all know that Dodge is fairly popular for its big and very powerful vehicles, like new Durango or even the Dodge Charger, but up until now we wouldn’t here about some green solutions or other sustainable technology incorporated into the company products. Therefore it was both a big surprise but also a big hope. Because if we would be able to see new Dodge Dart in greener modification, then Dodge could for sure get a lot more of a market share!

New Dodge Caliber

New Dodge Caliber Photo

The new technology is now at the plans of the company research and development department. Currently they try to develop a special exhaust system computable with the other fitting of the Dodge models so that to have really minor level of CO2 emissions. The best plan would have them as close to zero as possible.

Dodge Exhaust System

Dodge Exhaust System Image

However, sadly enough, it was reported that even though the technology itself is quite close to the finish, the possibility to have it installed with the actual Dodge model and therefore provide a good ride are now limited and the car with new technology might come only in year 2025. Though we are ready to wait this long, in order to see our beloved automaker at the top of the rankings.