Dodge introduced updated Heavy Duty pickups

The company held presentation of RAM Heavy Duty pickups Series 2500 and 3500, representing the 2016 model year. Externally trucks remained virtually unchanged against the background of the predecessors, but at the expense of technological innovation will have an advantage over the competition from General Motors and Ford.

Dodoge Heavy Duty 2500 picture

Dodoge Heavy Duty 2500 pics

First of all, the main changes relate to the power unit, which, thanks to the efforts of minders, while maintaining volume 6.7 liters and power 385 hp offers 900 Nm of torque, more than the previous figure of 47 Nm. Secondly, the modified design of the rear axle RAM model 3500, which increased the weight of the towed trailer almost 550 kg. Now the machine is able to take the lift over 14.1 tons of cargo.

Dodoge Heavy Duty 2500 pics

Dodoge Heavy Duty 2500 image

In addition, cars are equipped with the top-end version of the Laramie Limited, wherein an exclusive grille and chrome inscription RAM large letters on the tailgate. In addition, the interior is decorated with stitched leather, matt chrome trim and new rugs.
It is expected that the RAM 2500 and RAM 3500 2016 will be available in the last quarter of this year, and the price will start from 31,500 dollars.