Viper Launched into a Series

This month at the production facilities in Detroit city particularly at the Chrysler plant rolled off the very first of the latest generation of Dodge Viper models with the serial number 001. In December last year, experts have already had the opportunity to test the latest sports coupe on the road of the interesting event called Mazda Raceway, during which the machine failed to come close to its main competitor – Chevrolet Corvette.

Viper Production Line

Viper Production Line Photo

Now in Dodge dealerships there is a great fuss going on, as all the willing customers are making everything to get this great car for themselves. The official dealers have already generated orders for the Viper model, and therefore the production line to assemble the model is already running to its full capacity.

2013 Viper

2013 Viper Production Line Pic

According to pur latest release you could have already heard, that the publication of the first copy of the latest Viper was marked by a celebratory buffet table with Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne and the first happy car buyer. And while the champagne flowed freely, our overseas colleagues managed to get into the inner sanctum of the assembly line and take some great shots.