Dodge Challenger 2015 received the highest grade of security

A few days ago Dodge Challenger 2015 has been tested for safety. Previous crash test similar model in 2013 was held last year. In tests, the car then failed to make the most and gave a 4 on a scale.
This month a new version of the car Dodge has surpassed all expectations, having received during the crash test maximum possible score. During the safety tests evaluated not only impact resistance Dodge Challenger, but also functional security system. The new version of the car counted as many as 70 functions which are designed to provide the driver driving safely. The most interesting feature of FCW, which is on the cars of similar segment, has been established for the first time. The essence of this function is to prevent the driver of a possible head-on collision as using audio and visual.

Dodge Challenger 2015 pics

Dodge Challenger 2015 picture

The analysis results quickly spread in the network, so that the Dodge Challenger 2015 for a week may be the most desirable version of the car.

Dodge Challenger 2015 pics

Dodge Challenger 2015 image

Recall that, the manufacturer offers four options for the power section Dodge Challenger 2015 – a 3.6-liter 305-horsepower V6, 5,7-liter Hemi V8 (375 hp) 6.4-liter SRT-spec V8 (485 hp forces), and an additional 6.2-liter engine Hemi SRT HellCat V8 Engine (707 hp).