Dodge Caliber Back Seat Review

Today we are going to look at one interesting review about Dodge Caliber. We are going to look at the test-drive experience after driving this great car. But now we are going to take more of a passenger approach. The test-drive of the car from the rear seat, not when you are actually behind the wheel and shifting gears, how does it feel then to be in a Dodge Caliber?

2012 Dodge Caliber

2012 Dodge Caliber Front View Pic

Well, some people are quite skeptical because of the Dodge Caliber plastic cabin. When you are inside, some of the passengers say, that it seems that the car is just made out of plastic. Sadly enough, it trully is this way. The interior of Dodge Caliber is lined with plastic. But the plastic in the Caliber is of rather high quality and secondly, interior design is also very interesting.

2012 Dodge Caliber

2012 Dodge Caliber Interior Photo

The seats are made out of very fine materials. If you got for yourself a leather interior, you will be really pleased, as then you can feel like riding in one of the super cars of the royalty, The stitching was deliberately made very vivid and therefore provides some interesting looks. All in all, seating at the back seat of this car can be very pleasing as this model got enough space for legs, therefore you will be uncomfortable in it!