Dodge EV New Concept Car

As the Geneva Motor has opened its doors couple of days ago, the whole automotive world has gone wild on the theme of new concept cars. As we have previously heard about the great electric car of Dodge marquee – Dodge EV, the rumors are spreading that soon we will see its predecessor. Let’s see what details we were able to get!

Dodge EV concept

Dodge EV concept Pic

DodgeEV2 as heard from the rumors, is going to be also an electric sports type two-seater with the front-drive. Under the hood will be places a real electric motor that receives power from the traction battery paired with the gasoline engine, that is going to be switched to in the city mode, but the automaker thinks that it will not be that often, as the car is more of a driving vehicle for pleasure and enjoyment, as well as speed, rather than a means of transportation.

Dodge EV concept

Dodge EV concept Photo

Apart of excellent dynamic performance, which we will discuss later, Dodge EV2 will also be completely harmless to the environment. The technical characteristics of the model will include most probably an engine with power output of 300 hp, and the electrical one with the capacity of 200 kW; the maximum torque of the car will be 650 Nm; and Acceleration to 100 km \ h will take this model about 4.5 seconds.