Dodge Charger 2015: New look

Popular in the United States car Dodge Charger, which is actively used by the police, the FBI and other civil service has undergone restyling. Of course, at public expense, no one will rush to update the fleet, but for the simple townsfolk there will be a choice at the junction of a selection model years – new car or discount.
There was the debut of the updated 2015 Dodge Charger at the exhibition New York Auto Show. Along with changes in the interior and exterior, the model has received eight-speed automatic as standard across the range.
The range is available for the engine remains unchanged: a 3.6-liter V6 comes as standard and can go with both rear and all-wheel drive, a 5.7-liter V8 is set to order and comes only with rear-wheel drive. Six power – 292 hp, and the Hemi V8 produces 370 hp.

Dodge Charger 2015 pics

Dodge Charger 2015 picture

The new exterior design is very different from what was typical for the Charger since his return to the US market in 2006. The shaded cross grille and new headlights were the most significant changes in the model 2015. Also it has less noticeable are more rounded taillights.

Dodge Charger 2015 pics

Dodge Charger 2015 image

Salon received a new dashboard, complete with a seven-inch display, steering wheel, borrowed from the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and a standard 8.4-inch touch screen in the center console.