Dodge Challenger 2012 Customer Reviews

From the recent marketing and customer research it was announced that Dodge Challenger of the year 2012 ranks 4th out of the list of 9 affordable sport cars. The placement was not done by the board of critics, it was rather a cumulative grading based on reviews from the customers, test drive performances and published reviews.

Image of Dodge Challenger Design

All in all, customers stay quite satisfied with Challenger 2012, giving it overall a quite high rating that in the words can be expressed as “Very Good”. The Challenger 2012 is still seen by the customers as an appealing reincarnation of the good old ’70s original. It’s relatively big and heavy, and its muscle-car presence is quite undeniable. From the other customer review notes it becomes clear that drivers feel delighted with Dodge Challenger 2012 style and design. Its flawlessly fresh drive-train options and completely revised suspension geometry make for a quite compelling package, especially persuasive for buyers who are looking for a vehicle that is capable of comfortably and, more importantly, quickly covering long distances keeping the real style and class. Dodge Challenger is still seen as a car that would best fit the cross-country trip undertaken for inner feeling of freedom and worth.

Dodge Challenger 2012 Interior Design Picture