Dodge abandoned Chrysler 200 and Dodge Avenger

According to the car dealership with reference to Edmunds, the American company Chrysler decided not to issue convertible based on the model of the next generation 200. Recall that the debut of the updated sedan Chrysler 200 was held at the Detroit auto show in early 2014. In addition, the leadership of the American car giant refuses production Dodge Avenger, which is the successor to the 200.
In the auto giant has already commented on the situation and called the root causes that influenced the adoption of its decision. In the process of designing and creating production model of the next generation Chrysler 200 in favor of the company is the prerogative of the sedan. Speaking in plain language, the American auto giant, which, incidentally, recently experienced serious financial problems, he decided to concentrate its efforts and resources on the production sedan.

Chrysler 200 picture

Chrysler 200 pics

As shown by annual reports, Chrysler 200 Convertible of the current generation enjoyed low consumer demand. Over the past year the company managed to sell only 122,480 copies of the version of the model 200, of which 5% accounted for the gig. In an interview with Doug Verl, chief engineer of the company said that the process of creating an open and release version of the model 200 will require serious investment company and is energy-intensive.

Dodge Avenger picture

Dodge Avenger pics

To create a convertible out of the existing model, it is necessary to conduct research and develop a new roof, as well as workout room, which will be convertible top car. In addition, improvements require thresholds machines and front strut, which is several times increased load. Also worth noting is that the life cycle model Dodge Avenger, most likely, will not be extended. Although previously reported the opposite. The refusal of the updated model from the production Avenger could have serious pressure on the sales of compact model Dart.