No More Dodge Durango and Avenger Models After 2014


The manufacturer has gotten on some pretty harsh and speedy wheels in the still somewhat post-bankruptcy world,. But while Dodge car manufacturer has seen some drastic and fairly dramatic improvement thanks to the refreshes and also to some few new models, the following couple of years could be actually very exciting for the marquee. Photo … Read more

Dodge Ram 2012 Boosts the Sales with Add-ons


Recently announced news that the Chrysler Group LLC together with Ford Motor Co. are now testing the upper limits of the truck buyers’ appetite for great and efficient and also sport stylish pickups. They introduce some pickups that are loaded with new leather interior, some glamorous chrome and also heated-feature seats at a greatly costly … Read more

Dodge MasterCard to Offer Every Dodge Owner More Possibilities

As a customer focused car manufacturer, Dodge launched its Dodge MasterCard program. From the first sight it can be seen as another brand’s marketing tool, well in its initiative it really is. However, it was brought into public in order to provide the customers with even more benefits that Dodge can provide. Dodge MasterCard Photo … Read more

Dodge Grand Caravan 2011 for New & Challenging Position


Dodge is trying really hard with its 2011 Grand Caravan to get back to the leading position in minivans segment of the market. Even though, Chrysler was considered to be the long-time and recognized segment market leader, right now the situation has changed. The Japanese brands of Honda, Toyota and even Nissan start to move … Read more