Real Test Drive: Dodge Caliber


Dodge Caliber is clearly similar to the compact SUV, has a decent ground clearance (178 mm), but at the same time demonstrates a sporty profile. However, it has clear and vivid form, every detail “works”, emphasizing the outstanding abilities of the car – say, the ability to climb over the curb, and at the same … Read more

Dodge Challenger test drive


The brutality of the car rolls over even compared to other American muscle cars. The interior of the version before restyling was not impressing: it is copied from the Charger, it is too simple and ugly assembled – hanging seals, creaking false aluminum lining… Dodge Challenger 2015 pics The updated coupe design a little refreshment, … Read more

Test drive of Dodge Charger Pursuit part II


In his article, the author noted the appeal of special devices installed in the “Dodge”. Every time they find themselves inside the machine, Ewing was overcoming himself not to touch the big red button. The latter is responsible for the activation of the light “chandeliers” of Charger roof. In addition, for the journalist it was … Read more

Test drive of Dodge Charger Pursuit part I


American Journal Autoblog acquired the test drive the new sedan Dodge Charger Pursuit, intended for police. About feelings of driving emergency vehicles wrote one of the editors of the publication Steven Ewing. The journalist said that riding a police car is absolutely nothing like a trip to a normal car On a suburban highway all … Read more

Dodge Caravan 2015: minivan for every day life


Without doubt Dodge Grand Caravan 2015 is best family minivan. New Dodge Caravan 2015 embodies the best features of previous generations. Here and strong body with high rigidity that makes not worry about the safety of children, and the latest electronics, which are the envy of many Japanese minivans, and powerful engines. Dodge Caravan is … Read more

Incredible Dodge Charger SRT


The company’s engineers “Dodge” created a new «sport-car» Charger STR, which was recognized as the most powerful and fastest car in the world. STR is equipped with a V-shaped petrol engine with a mechanical supercharger capacity of 6.2 liters, its power is 707 l horse powers with 808 Nm of torque. four-door sedan Dodge Charger … Read more

Dodge Challenger: the best crash test


Non-decreasing number of deaths on the roads – these are facts that speak of a non-ideal situation so far in the automotive industry. Almost every month on the Internet, you can read the information on the recall of another batch of explosive Jeep or vehicles with deadly pillows “security.” There are special bodies whose task … Read more

2013 Dodge Charger AWD Sport


2013 Dodge Charger AWD Sport is soon going to see the world and will fight the worst driving conditions. For this, he has a new sport package AWD. In particular, it provides the car with the power output of 370 horsepower. In addition, it includes the most advanced all-wheel drive system in the segment for … Read more

Dodge Caliber Back Seat Review


Today we are going to look at one interesting review about Dodge Caliber. We are going to look at the test-drive experience after driving this great car. But now we are going to take more of a passenger approach. The test-drive of the car from the rear seat, not when you are actually behind the … Read more