SRT Viper production stops


Chrysler decided a couple of months ago to stop the production of SRT Viper. SRT Viper will not be released within the next couple of months. Chrysler decided to stop the operation of the plant in Detroit, which produced the American sports car. The company stopped the conveyor April 14 and again on June 23, … Read more

The most powerful Dodge is best with “mechanics”


Most Americans who have ordered the most powerful version of the updated oil-car Dodge Challenger SRT, prefer the coupe with a manual transmission. This is with reference to its own source said the publication TorqueNews. Masthead Dodge Challenger is equipped with engine Hellcat – 6,2-liter compressor “eight” power 707 hp (880 Nm). Engine can be … Read more

Dodge Challenger Recalls


Chrysler Group announced the recall of Dodge Challenger sports coupe with an engine V6, which were produced from November 2012 to January 2013. The automaker asked the owners not to drive the car and not leave them near buildings. This measure is related to the possibility of a short circuit in the wiring of the … Read more

Recalls of Viper


From the bad news to the other bad news, and again about the recalls. Chrysler Group announced an official recall of several thousand Viper models of sports coupe around the world. As reported in an official letter sent to dealers of Dodge the talk is going on about 4278 copies of cars built in the … Read more

Recalls of the Dodge Pick-ups and Tracks


Pickups and SUVs of the Chrysler and Dodge have come under the recalls. Great and the most popular American automaker Chrysler Group LLC announced a recall of 370,000 pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles because of possible technical problems. 2013 Dodge Ram Model Pic According to some local press releases, the objects of the recalls … Read more

Dodge Accessories Set


We are coming to the fans of the new 2013 compact sporty model of the Dodge Dart with great updates. Even though you might have heard that Chrysler announced last year that the 2013 Dodge Dart car will be offered with more than 150 choices of the hood and even a hundreds more times of … Read more

Dodge Viper Reached its End


Today we are going to announce not so pleasant news for all the sport cars lovers. We ourselves are quite sda and dissapointed. Recently, just couple of days ago we learned that it is the end of a legend. Dodge Viper is not going to be produced anymore. Chrysler Group management has decided to stop … Read more

Flash-Back to Dodge Car Racing in 2000


Previously all of you could have heard about the fact that company DaimlerChrysler has announced its return to racing competition of NASCAR. And so, on January 11, when for the first phase up in good old 2000 was left exactly 402 days 5 hours and 30 minutes, at the Auto Show in Detroit, the audience … Read more

98th Birthday of Dodge

We think that every true Dodge fan had celebrated hard enough yesterday, so that today to be ready to trully understand what was the day before. And sadly enough or happily enough, we didn’t post any updates, but today we are happy to announce to all our commhnicty that yesterday, on November 14th, our great … Read more