Spano Dodge Viper in Geneva

Young Spanish manufacturer Spano came to Geneva with his only model GTA. Like most small-scale and exclusive car, coupe came out not the most elegant one, but very powerful – it is installed on a modified Dodge Viper model that is equipped with a V10 8.4-liters in volume core.

2013 Spano Dodge Viper

2013 Spano Dodge Viper Photo

Engine develops 900 horsepower and 1000 Nm, and these values are limited by electronicsm therefore what is the true power of the engine is still unknown. And in order to ride the Spano GTA less calm, you can order an additional regulator and stop at any time the sport mode and return to lower engine power to 450 – this appears to have enough to get to the bakery with a supercar.

2013 Spano Dodge Viper

2013 Spano Dodge Viper Pic

Transmission in GTA is a seven-speed robotized, and the chassis are completely made of Kevlar, titanium and carbon fiber – thanks to it the car with a giant engine weighs only 1350 pounds. The acceleration of this machine to the first hundred takes just 2.9 seconds and a top speed passes for 350 kilometers per hour. Plus GTA, as promised, is quite practical – turning radius of only 10.8 meters, and the front part of the car can be raised by 8 inches – for example, to go over a pack of cigarettes.