Dodge Caliber Pluses

Today we are going to look at the Dodge Caliber model, well, more particularly, at the advantages of the model, compared to the other cars of the class. First of all the concept of the car itself is to some extent a “universal car”: Caliber is compact, as hatchback-class golf, but with more high seating, high ground clearance (20 cm), larger 17-inch high wheels and a great rubber that allows jumping and therefore safely penetrate the suspension or tires.

2012 Dodge Caliber

2012 Dodge Caliber Photo

Moreover it has wide cargo capabilities – all seats, including the front passenger fold flat into the floor, allowing to move some large items, up to cabinets and sofas, the threshold level with the luggage trunk floor is able to withstand 100 kg at the middle of the thigh makes loading and unloading without dangerous rip back. Bright interior that is easy for the eyes, has cheerful color inserts on the front seats and in the body color, unpretentious, easy to clean, easy to wash and tough scratch resistant plastic, and a special water-stain-resistant breathable fabric of the seats.

2012 Dodge Caliber

2012 Dodge Caliber Pic

The car also comes with the number of useful options, ranging from anti-dazzle mirrors, heated seats, mirrors, branded removable flashlight, pressure sensors on the wheels, nine speakers including sub standard stereo-system Boston Acoustics