Dodge Caravan 2015: minivan for every day life

January 25, 2015 at 23:51

Without doubt Dodge Grand Caravan 2015 is best family minivan.
New Dodge Caravan 2015 embodies the best features of previous generations. Here and strong body with high rigidity that makes not worry about the safety of children, and the latest electronics, which are the envy of many Japanese minivans, and powerful engines.
Dodge Caravan is not only an excellent machine for every day, but also allows you to carry things go on long journeys, in a word, it is fully consistent with the title of the most comfortable family car.
Despite the fact that all American cars, since 2000, have become too “plastic” at the Dodge Grand Caravan 2015 remained high clearance and sturdy kit. So if someone likes to go fishing and here minivan will not fail.
Auto quite passable, but not too high weight allows it to seamlessly pull in case of contact with prehensile paws muddy road.

Dodge Caravan 2015 pics

Dodge Caravan 2015 image

Chrysler Not Pleasure Recall of Dodge Minivans

May 8, 2012 at 10:51

Even though a recall for such a car manufacturer Chrysler and its brand of Dodge is not a great issue; it is more of the matter of real concern for the customers and their well-being, which can be sacrificed for smaller criticism over the company. But anyway, recalls trigger negative consequences in the mentality of consumers as well as sets the manufacturer back. Chrysler car manufacturer has already sold quite a number of minivans this year, the number is said to be around 84,000.

Dodge minivans face view image

Dodge minivans face view image

Dodge Grand Caravan 2011 for New & Challenging Position

May 6, 2012 at 10:38

Dodge is trying really hard with its 2011 Grand Caravan to get back to the leading position in minivans segment of the market. Even though, Chrysler was considered to be the long-time and recognized segment market leader, right now the situation has changed. The Japanese brands of Honda, Toyota and even Nissan start to move Chrysler down the road.

Grand Caravan Front Image

Grand Caravan Front Image