Dodge 5.2-Liter Engine Detailed Overview

July 9, 2012 at 09:47

Today we decided to look more closely at the engine that is used at the majority of manufactured models of Dodge, the new 5.2-Liter engine. This mechanical heart is a great boost for the car as it first of all features the V-type 8-cylinder system that has also about 320-cubic inches of the displacement. Moreover, this engine is a great core for the car because of itslightweight features. I bet you never expected this to be true fore such a volume, however the single cam which is also paired to the hydraulically enhanced roller tappets makes this all possible.

Dodge Engine Photo

Dodge Engine Photo

The major material for the engine and the cps as well as the other main parts was the cast-iron, which also added some light-weight specification to this machine. The great compression ratio of this cast-iron hear is 9.1: 1. With such specifications it is possible for it to produce about 230 of horsepower at 44000 rots per minute. The level of torque is also quite impressing, and equals to 300 ft.-lbs. @ 3,200 RPM. If you are now thinking whether this great heart is fuel efficient, well, we can give you some numbers. It appears that with this 5.2-Liter and V8 engine you can have from 11 mpg up to 18. If we can judge, that is really not enough, if you are thinking about getting somewhere far from here.

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