Dodge’s Fun-to-ride Experience with Dart

April 29, 2012 at 19:10

For many Dodge drivers the feeling of being engaged with the ride, the experience of freedom and fun is as essential as the end goal of reaching the place of destination. Many cars have competed in this sense to engage the driver with the car and make him feel with it as one sole being; however, there is no other car that could best provide such an inner feeling as Dodge 2013 Dart. The Dodge engineers equipped new Dart model with six-speed manual transmission, which will be able to provide “fun-to-drive dynamics” to the exclusive Dodge possessor.

Dodge 2013 Dart photo

As for majority of the sport and luxury car drivers, shifting gears is an essential part of the real fun that the drive provides, therefore Dart’s six-speed manual transmission was especially tailor-made for them. Additional noteworthy feature of new Dodge Dart is the Hill-start Assisting system, which automatically engages while sensing that the vehicle is located on a hill, in first gear, and when both the clutch and brake pedals are depressed. In this situation system’s controller keeps the brakes on for around 1,5 seconds after the brake pedal was released in order to prevent the car from rolling down the hill, and in such a way ensuring a smooth departure from the stop.

Dart’s Six-Speed Manual Transmission image

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