Dodge Viper from Superior Auto Design

December 17, 2012 at 09:14

Official sales of new exclusive model of the Dodge automaker – the new 2013 Viper SRT – has already started. The great beginning of the expansion of the sports and power model took place a few months ago. This seems to be quite enough so that the predecessor of this new sports model – the good already even a little old Dodge Viper has been forgotten by the public, but great tuners are here to let us remind ourselves about this great car once again!

Dodge Viper Superior Auto Design

Dodge Viper from Superior Auto Design Photo

Even though new 2013 Viper SRT is a great and really worthwhile car, the good old original Viper is still running and is still very desired among the public. The specialists from the tuning studio Superior Auto Design has demonstrated their loyalty to the good old Viper by releasing an improved version of the 2010 year model.

Dodge Viper Superior Auto Design

Dodge Viper from Superior Auto Design Pic

The great beauty of good old 2010 received many exterior design changes that you can notice on the photos presented in this article. Moreover the car features many elements that were done out of carbon fiber, as well as 20-inch forged alloy disks 360 perfectly complement each other. In principle, the great beauty of a redefined model is quite difficult to be put into words, therefore you better enjoy photos of the Dodge Viper from Superior Auto Design.

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