Dodge Challenger from KC Tuning

December 19, 2012 at 09:45

The U.S. car owners love bright external tuning for their cars. Therefore a very innovative and we can even say brave KC Trends tuners are here to help these people to add some special individualism to their cars. The next project of this great American tuning studio is likely to become the most interesting and alternative Challenger.

Dodge Challenger from KC Tuning

Dodge Challenger from KC Tuning Photo

Tuning studio KC Trends produced the individual kit for the Dodge Challenger model, which has made the rear of the car much wider, adding some brutality in this way, so that the car could scare the other drivers on the road and would for sure not get any closer than couple of meters to the back of such a monster. Under such a wide body, of course, there was a need for wider wheels, so now the car has 24-inch front and 26-inch rear wheels from Asanti, which are painted according to the body color.

Dodge Challenger from KC Tuning

Dodge Challenger from KC Tuning Pic

And as we started to talk about the body color, this is where the real surprise starts. The car is painted in a soft pink color. Moreover, the sports car got the chrome grille from Asanti. Now the car, originally designed for fast driving, looks more like a show car. The interesting question will be whether the man will agree to ride on this car? All in all, it is still a great and powerful Dodge Challenger, a car for a real man!

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