Dodge SRT Viper Inspiring Technologies

May 3, 2012 at 23:55

Totally fresh 2013 SRT Dodge Viper is completely new, regardless from which side you prefer to look, whether from front-to-back or top-to-bottom, even from the lightweight carbon-fiber roof and right down to those premium road-scorching wheels. Dodge SRT Viper 2013 model features less weight, stiffer chassis, and a far more powerful engine, as well as more powerful brakes and a completely new electronic technology.

2013 Dodge SRT Viper Front View Image

Dodge Dart 2013 Pricing Now Open to Everyone

May 2, 2012 at 23:32

Perfectly fresh and yet untouched Dodge Dart 2013 which was presented at the Detroit Auto Show in the past January is now ready to be bought out by you. Dodge announced the pricing strategy for this perfectly new model of 2013. As everyone has long waited for the secret to be revealed, now you can have a sigh of relief. As the manufacturer has announced – the Dodge 2013 car will come with a base MSRP starting at $15,995.

Dart 2013 Model Front View Image

Dodge Challenger 2012 Customer Reviews

May 1, 2012 at 23:07

From the recent marketing and customer research it was announced that Dodge Challenger of the year 2012 ranks 4th out of the list of 9 affordable sport cars. The placement was not done by the board of critics, it was rather a cumulative grading based on reviews from the customers, test drive performances and published reviews.

Image of Dodge Challenger Design